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The Pageboy Speaks Again

The Pageboy Speaks Again

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The Pageboy Speaks was a series of articles written by Patrick Page, the legendary magician, between 1974 and the mid 1980’s. Originally printed in the close up magic magazine, Pabular, The Pageboy Speaks became a diary of his thoughts, escapades and experiences, written in his own unique style. 

Often controversial, he tells stories of the magicians he met, what they did and what he thought of it all.  It’s a complete who’s who of magic from a golden age.  A time of Flosso, Fogel, Goshman, Kaps, Marshall, Pollock, Slydini, Vernon and all the others. 

All his original articles are published here in The Pageboy Speaks …. Again and you are in for a treat.  Patrick Page at his best, talking about his favourite subject, Magic and Magicians.

The Pageboy Speaks.....Again is a paperback book which has over 250 pages and is printed on high quality 115 gsm paper. It includes some previously unpublished photos of Patrick.

Available exclusively from Patrick Page Magic.

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Matt Field, Editor of The Magic Circular (magazine of The Magic Circle) reviewed the book in the February 2011 edition of the magic circular. By kind permission of Matt Field we reproduce in full below his review.

The Pageboy Speaks ... Again
by Patrick Page
250 pages, 6 x 9 ins., softcover, 5 pgs. of photos. £20 (about $30) plus p&p from Patrick Page Magic, www.PatrickPageMagic.com.

Reviewed by Matthew Field
From 1974 until the mid ‘80s Patrick Page wrote a column in the now defunct, but much admired, magic magazine Pabular. The column was Pat at his best – honest, often acerbic, full of reminiscences and tales of the people he met on his travels.

Now Pat’s family (son Jeremy, daughter Janette, and her husband Philip) have started the website www.PatrickPageMagic.com to market the effects Pat used to sell and to bring out some new items as well.  The first is the book at hand, the collected Pabular columns with some additional, previously unpublished, family photos.

Reading this book is like spending time in Pat’s company, something i very much enjoyed over the past five years. Pat absolutely loved magic in all its forms, except when it was bad. He was an author, an inventor, a performer, a mentor and a fan of magic. He writes about the magicians he saw and befriended, men like Albert Goshman, Dai Vernon, Terri Rogers, Val Andrews, Channing Pollock, John Ramsay, Ricky Jay and tons more.  He writes about getting thrown out of the British Ring for exposure (for a newspaper serialisation of material from his Big Books of Magic) and for being invited back in. He writes about his trips to the US and other countries and who he met and what he saw.

He was a one-off, a brilliant man whom I wish I could sit and chat with again.  This book is the next best thing.  Buy it and read it – you won’t regret the purchase.

We asked for reviews of products bought by our customers and Tim Glander from the USA kindly provided us with the following review of "The Pageboy Speaks....Again!

"Everything Old is News Again"

In 2010, without fanfare,lights camera or publicity, Patrick Page left our lives for a better eternity. Who was Patrick Page? Well, he was many things to many people: A Husband, Father, Grandfather, friend, mentor, teacher, magician, ventriloquist, magic demonstrater, consultant, Renaissance man, critic, humorist, genius and many more titles too numerous to mention. He was also an author who left us a diary of thoughts, experiences and "tales" on life, both magical and otherwise.

This "diary" so to speak is called, "The Pageboy Speaks...Again." Most of the entries in this diary follow a looking forward style to pattern a "Tune in next month and find out what happens to the Pageboy this time.

" He begins in September of 1974 and concludes in the mid 80's. Mr. Page pulls no punches, is candid, controversial, but face it, we would not have it any other way. He is helpful with performers' problems be they technical and otherwise. Remember, this guy consulted many of the greats of our time. He does it in "Speaks Again" without Mumbo-Jumbo and excess mis-mash.

So just who can you read and learn something about? How about Mike Caldwell, Johnny Paul, Del Ray, Jerry Bergman, James Randi-The Gabby Hayes of Magic, John Ramsey and on and on. That's something considering they all appear just within the first 18 pages of this book!

For those of you who that do not like or refuse to read and choose to drift in DVD Land, you are all in luck. The chapters are short and to the point to keep your pain at a minimum. There is no filler, no ads or cookies to bog you down. Just a fresh writing style seasoned with humor opinions, sound common sense and great judgement. I could tell you so much more about this book's content but, hey, why spoil the surprises?

Do yourself a favor and enter Magic's Second golden age through the eyes of a Walking Encyclopedia. Just remember, not only did Pat Page know all that stuff...HE COULD DO IT!!!!!

Tim Glander  June 2011

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