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Patrick Page Magic Newsletter

December 2011

Patrick Page Magic Celebrates it's First Anniversary

At Ron MacMillan’s International Magic Convention in London at the end November, we celebrated the first anniversary of the launch of Patrick Page Magic.

Patrick worked and lectured all over the world. He gathered many admirers on his travels and we now have satisfied customers in 33 different countries:

Australia, Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei (Hi Kelvin!), Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong (China), Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the USA.

We were happy to have the opportunity to meet people at the convention and hear new stories about The Pageboy. Please send us your photos with Pat and we will include them on the Gallery and tell us any stories that you would like us to add to the Memorial Wall.

At the convention we sold some of Patrick’s old magic books and effects and hope that the new owners get as much pleasure from them as he did.

Our main aim has always been to make authorised versions of his work available to as many people as possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped us make the first year so successful.



A couple of weeks  ago, the family travelled  to Dundee, Scotland where Patrick and his wife, Margaret were born and grew up. We scattered their ashes near the Black Watch Soldier Memorial, which overlooks the city  and know they would have approved of their final resting place.















Magic Page by Page

As soon as we got back from Scotland, the long awaited book arrived and is now available exclusively through Patrick Page Magic. We have been overwhelmed by the huge interest in the book and the high volume of early sales.

Thanks to everyone who has bought the book, with special thanks going to Dave Goulding and Pat Fallon, who generously allowed us to include their reviews on our site. (Click on the thumbnail below of any of the book covers, to see the page with their reviews).

Early feedback  has been very complimentary. We know that Patrick would have been quietly  proud of the book and how it turned out. Thanks also to Matt Field (Editor) and Michael Albright (Designer) - you did a first class job.

There are still some copies left of this first edition and we will send it out to you the next working day. With a bit of luck, it might arrive in time for Christmas.

Life on Planet Page

I normally write a few words about growing up in a magic household. Sorry, but this month there has not been time to write anything.  I promise I'll write something for our January 2012 newsletter.


Patrick Page Magic

August 2011 Newsletter

Hello from Patrick Page Magic

Here's our latest news

New Products

We have added two new Patrick Page magic effects

1) Patrick Page Acrobatric

First published by Patrick Page in 1984, it is a simple, elegant card trick which changes Jacks to Kings and Kings to Jacks.  It is perfect for close up and table hopping.













2) Patrick Page Double Mirage.

A classic close up trick. This is a variation of the Three Card Monte with four cards!
















More details on our Products Page under Magic Effects

Miscellaneous Products

Under the Miscellaneous Section of the Products Page we include items that Patrick Page was associated with but not produced by us.

The books in this section are published by Arcady Press and were written by Pat's old friend, the late Val Andrews. It was Pat's idea to republish several of Val's books that had not received the attention they deserved when first issued.

Currently available are:

The Great Carmo - The Colossus of Mystery

Horace Goldin - The Triumphs and Disasters of the Royal Magician

Seven Keys of Kalanag

We have just added:

The Wonderful Magic of Chefalo by Val Andrews

This 40 page booklet charts the career of the Italian / American magician, Raffael Chefalo. It includes full details and illustrations and photos of some of his most famous effects, including The Great Oriental Duck Production. He toured the world with his stage show and was part of the "old boy network" that included Goldin, Dante and Houdini. One of magic's great showmen.

Magic Circle Heritage Auction

Last month we sent you our Magic Circle Heritage Auction Special Newsletter with information on the  ten items that my brother Jeremy and I putting up for sale. The auction is being held in London at the headquarters of the Magic Circle on 31st August 2011 at 2pm. Full details are on a page on our website devoted to this, including photos and a full description of all the items  owned by my father. These include signed Doc Albo books, some Insull and Tickner  ventriloquist dolls, and a splendid pair of antique wooden Punch and Judy puppets. Below are photos of Patrick with the Punch and Judy puppets and holding "Ginger", a vent doll made by Fred Tickner,(maker of Muffin the Mule)  modified by Len Insull as a favour to Patrick. Also up for sale is a document signed by Will Goldston and  other magicians of that era. The document can be seen in the photo below hanging on the wall of Patrick's  house, immediately to the right of him. 

Update on Magic - Page by Page

The good news is that work is progressing on the book, Magic - Page by Page. Unfortunately it is taking a little longer than anticipated but we are hopeful that it will be ready by the end of October. Thanks for your patience. It is worth waiting for.



Page Family Tales - Life on Planet Page

My Dad had many friends and our house was always full of magicians. But some were very special. Here's another Page family tale that you may find  interesting. 

Uncle Eric

Reading the Davenport’s latest book, a name from the past leapt off the page,

 Eric Haylock.

Most of you have probably never heard of him but he was much loved by The Pages.

Dad met Eric at the LSM (London Society of Magicians) in the 1950’s and they later worked together at Dick Chavel’s Magic Shop. Alan Alan, the magician and escapologist, told me recently “Can you imagine it? Ali Bongo, Patrick Page, Tony Corinda, Eric Haylock, Jon Tremaine, Dick Chavel and me, all working behind the shop counter at the same time. It was great fun and we brought in a lot of money for Dick. Eric Haylock was an excellent magician, a highly skilled demonstrator and technically at the top of his game.”

Eric was dad’s best friend and he lived near us with his wife, Carole (who had a great job as secretary to a Hollywood film director). They had no children and Carole was often away, so Eric spent a lot of time with our family. He was kind and  very generous and always bought us kids the latest electronic type Christmas presents.

Although he loved magic, Eric wasn’t really comfortable performing. He left Dick Chavel’s and went back to his original profession as a commercial artist and took on freelance projects.

Eric’s drawing style was elegant and modern, and his skills were much in demand. He illustrated tricks and adverts for magic companies, including Harry Stanley.

Dad introduced him to Davenport’s where he went on to redesign their advertising and their magazine, The Demon Telegraph. He is described by the Davenport’s as “arguably one of the greatest graphic artists that Davenport’s ever engaged

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